Do I Need Boat Insurance in Ohio?

May 29, 2014

Ohio Boat Insurance

Photo Credit: CC Image Courtesy of Jeff Kubina

Your boat gives you a new sense of freedom. But does your insurance protect you and your assets on the water the same as on land?

The wind on your face while you open up the motors on your boat is exhilarating, but what would you do if your boat was suddenly unable to stave off water.

Insurance can be vitally important in your purchase of an aquatic vehicle.

… But I only have a small boat

To gauge whether coverage is necessary, take into account the value of the boat you own. Smaller and less expensive boats are often covered under homeowners insurance policies.

These are boats which are generally extremely small and do not have a motor affixed to them. Yet if your boat is say more than $10,000, boat insurance is highly recommended in Ohio.

What would boat insurance cover?

Once you have deduced that coverage is necessary, it is important to know what is specifically covered on your plan. Boating insurance often covers the following:

  • Bodily damage caused by your boat
  • Property damage to docks or other boats caused by your boat
  • Damage caused directly to your boat

Most basic policies cover these situations. You can also invest in comprehensive boat insurance as well. Some of the things included in comprehensive boat insurance include:

  • Theft, vandalism, fire and flood
  • Property damage against fishing equipment
  • Roadside assistance, if you’re in need of a tow

Naturally, the coverage varies by policy and region, especially depending on the kind of watercraft you own and the type of body of water it is used on.

It is in any boat owners best interest to have their assets covered in any case with a water-tight insurance plan.

Take the mystery out of Ohio boat insurance and contact an agent at Burkhart Insurance to get your free quote today.

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