Do I need RV insurance in Ohio?

May 13, 2013

rv insurance ohio

Whether or not you need RV insurance in Ohio depends on the type of RV you’re planning to drive.

When you need RV insurance in Ohio

If any of the following statements apply to your situation, you will probably need a separate insurance policy to cover your RV:

Your RV is a motorhome.

If you can drive your RV, you will need liability insurance. Full coverage may be optional, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should opt out. You will want to assess the value of your RV, the likelihood of a loss, and whether or not you can afford to self insure.

Your RV is financed.

If you are financing an RV, your lender will require that you purchase full coverage to protect their interests. They may even purchase coverage for you and send you the bill if you fail to obtain coverage, which generally costs a lot more than purchasing your own coverage.

Your RV is a rental.

If you rent an RV, you will be held responsible for any damages while the vehicle is in your possession. You’ll want to check with your insurance agent to see if your auto insurance coverage extends to renting an RV. Otherwise, the rental dealer can usually provide insurance coverage for an additional fee.

When RV insurance is optional in Ohio

If any of the following statements apply to your situation, RV insurance may be optional:

Your RV is only towable.

Your auto insurance policy will typically extend to your RV if you have to tow it. This can include fifth-wheels, pop-ups, and travel trailers.

You own your RV outright.

If you are not financing your RV, you are probably not required to purchase liability insurance. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. A total loss like fire or theft can be financially devastating to people without insurance to protect their investment.

If you’re searching for an affordable RV insurance policy, or if you’re still not sure you need one, give Burkhart Insurance Agency a call at 877-441-6160 or request a free quote. We’re an independent agency serving Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, and we can help you find the right insurance for your RV.

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