Does Ohio Homeowners Insurance Cover Damage From Fireworks?

June 30, 2015


With the celebration of the nation’s independence upon us, bodily and property damage are possible with the use of fireworks. What is covered under your insurance plan?

Sparklers and firecrackers are staples of the Fourth of July holiday, but with them come the risks of potential harm to people or property.

Most homeowners insurance policies cover fires, but damage caused by fireworks may not be covered, especially if the fireworks are considered illegal.

Legality of Fireworks in Ohio

While a majority of states allow for the full sale of fireworks, Ohio does not.

As per the law, the state only allows wire or wood stick sparklers and other novelties. The term “novelty firework,” refers to fireworks with a weaker explosion and sound than compared to conventional fireworks.

Am I Covered?

Due to the laws pertaining to fireworks in Ohio, more often than not, your homeowners insurance will NOT cover damages caused by fireworks.

Considering a homeowner is responsible for covering losses related to living or owning a home, a resident who uses fireworks on their property are not covered by their home insurance policy.

It is important to know the ins and outs of the laws pertaining to the use of fireworks. Above all, be smart and responsible for the benefit of your personal property and those close to you.

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Photo Credit: CC Image Courtesy of Markus Grossalber

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