Fallen Trees and Homeowners Insurance

October 31, 2012

Fallen Trees and Homeowners Insurance

Photo Credit: Payton Chung (Creative Commons)

If a tree falls on your home, will your homeowners insurance cover it?

This is a question we get a lot around here, and the answer is fairly straightforward. If a tree, shrub or branch damages your home or other insured structure on your property (like a detached garage), your homeowners insurance policy should cover the damage.

Standard homeowners insurance policies cover structures and contents damaged by trees felled by wind, lightning or hail. Even if you don’t own the tree, your homeowners insurance should cover the damage it causes.

Also, if a tree falls on your home or other insured structure, your homeowners insurance policy will provide coverage for the cost of removing the tree. The amount of coverage you receive to remove a tree will depend on your insurance provider.

In some situations, if a neighbors tree damages your property, your insurance provider may try to collect from your neighbor’s insurance provider. This process is called subrogation and will sometimes occur if the tree was in poor health or was not maintained properly.

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