Second Home Insurance

Do you own a vacation home or a seasonal home you only use a few months out of the year?

Second Home Insurance

Insuring a second home is very different than insuring your primary residence. It pays to understand what to look for and how to ensure you have the correct coverage for this unique piece of real estate property.

Burkhart Insurance Agency provides home insurance quotes for all kinds of real estate property, including second homes. For your second home insurance needs, contact us for advice and quotes.

Why You Need Second Home Insurance

Second homes carry very specific risks that need to be considered, such as:

Long Periods of Vacancy

Second homes can attract unwanted attention from vandals. When criminals see that no lights are on for extended periods of time, or that no vehicles are in the driveway, they quickly discern that the home is uninhabited. They may even figure out that it’s a vacation home and not a full-time residence.

Isolated Location

Many second homes provide an escape for the owner. Thus, they might be located in rural, isolated areas where it’s more difficult for local authorities to keep an eye on the property. The isolation also makes it more challenging for emergency personnel to reach the property in the event of fire, flood or other emergencies.

Guests, Tenants or Trespassers

Did you know that you can be held liable for injuries sustained on a second home property that you own? Even if you’re not there at the time, guests, tenants or even trespassers can make claims if they are hurt due to conditions in your second home or on your property.

Lack of Utility Monitoring

Since the second home is typically vacant for long periods of time, problems with utilities won’t be noticed for a long time. This means that pipes can burst in the winter, causing pipe and water damage. Energy outages can cause freezers to leak and food to decay. The lack of utility monitoring can quickly lead to expensive property damage.

Protect Your Home Away From Home With the Right Insurance

You can protect yourself with the proper second home insurance with the help of Burkhart Insurance Agency.

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