Auto Insurance for New Drivers

Affordable coverage for teens does exist. You just have to know where to look.

New Driver Insurance

You knew this day was coming. The day when your child reaches driving age.

Now that the time has arrived, how do you ensure they get the right insurance protection without overpaying?

Burkhart Insurance Agency can help. We are an independent insurance agency that represents some of the most reputable and affordable insurance companies in the nation.

Contact us today for multiple quotes and help choosing the right policy for your new driver.

The Challenge of Insuring New Drivers

The biggest challenge of new driver insurance is not having a driving history. Most insurance companies use the driving history to help calculate premium rates.

Other factors include the age of the driver, which also is a challenge for a new driver just starting out at 16 or 17.

Yet another determining factor for new driver insurance rates is the credit history of the driver. Again, young drivers typically don’t have much of a credit history to go on.

These challenges can all lead to higher insurance premiums for new drivers.

Find Affordable Insurance for Your New Driver

Don’t worry. When you contact the independent insurance agency of Burkhart Insurance Agency, you’ll quickly find that affordable insurance for new drivers is available in Ohio and Kentucky. Here are some of the things that can help.

Get Multiple Quotes

Premiums for new drivers can vary considerably among different insurance companies. Since Burkhart Insurance Agency works with multiple insurance companies, you’ll be sure to receive multiple quotes to compare and contrast coverage and rates.

Submit Good Grades

New drivers with good grades can often receive better premium rates. If your child has a GPA over a certain level, they might be entitled to what’s usually called a “good student” discount. Ask the representatives at Burkhart Insurance Agency about this possibility.

Provide a Driving Sample

Some insurance companies can provide a USB stick that can be plugged into your vehicle. This collects data from the new driver that can be used to evaluate driving skill and adherence to safety practices. This data is then used to help calculate insurance premiums, possibly providing your child with better rates, even for a new driver.

There are many ways that the friendly and experienced company of Burkhart Insurance Agency can get the new driver in your family properly insured at reasonable rates. Contact us today to get started!

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