Insuring Your Jet Ski in Ohio

May 28, 2015

Jet Ski Insurance Ohio

A majority of the road vehicles we enjoy call for a proof of insurance. Boating and sea-going vehicles, however, do not in most states.

As per the law, it is not called for to have insurance on your jet ski in order to operate it out on the water. Despite the lack of legal necessity, it is highly suggested to make the investment as one can not be certain about the future outcome of events.

Depending on the size of the jet ski, it may initially be covered under your homeowners insurance. This will depend on the size, type and value of the craft. Contacting your insurance agent with this information would provide the needed knowledge about coverage.

When insurance IS needed?

There are two situations when insurance IS needed for your jet ski.

If you are using your jet ski as a collateral for a loan. The bank or lender would give this information outright to you.
If you are docking at certain docks or marinas. This information too will be provided by the marina or dockmaster.

Why is the investment worthwhile?

Upkeep and repairs on jet skis can be very expensive. Above all, from a financial perspective, it would be wise to look into coverage for such expenses.

Accidents have to tendency to happen as well. One should always be prepared for any situation that may be thrown at them, in particular when it comes to the bodily welfare of themselves and others. The following coverage should be investigated to see what is best.

  • Liability coverage: covers damages incurred by accidents to both personal individuals and their property
  • Uninsured coverage: handles situations where damages are caused by the owner of another watercraft that does not have any form of insurance for their vehicle
  • Boat coverage: common coverage includes:
    • Collision: deals with body and property damage in case of accident
    • Comprehensive: covers all expenses due to damages that may not have been caused by others or an accident such as a fire
    • On-water towing: offsets the cost of towing off the water if one is left at on the water for any multitude of reasons

Although Ohio law does not call for the insuring of jet skis or watercraft, for one’s own safety and peace of mind, it would be a wise decision to explore all coverage options.

For more information about jet ski coverage and all inquires about insurance rates in Ohio, contact the team at Burkhart Insurance Agency today!

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