Pre-trip Safety Checklist for Your RV

May 22, 2013

RV Safety ChecklistMemorial Day weekend is fast approaching, and many of us are taking this opportunity to load up the RV for a long weekend road trip.

But, before you bid farewell to your homestead and hit the open road, we recommend taking the time to perform a thorough safety check of your RV.

Nothing kills the joy of a long distance road trip like being stranded in the middle of nowhere with an overheated engine.

Here are a few important items you should include in your safety checklist:

  • Engine. Before you hit the road, have a professional inspect your engine, including fluid levels, belts, hoses, and batteries. A well functioning engine is key to a stress free vacation.
  • Propane tank. You’ll want to make sure propane tank is full, secure, and that all the connections are in place. If you haven’t recently, you may want to consider having your tank inspected by a professional.
  • Tires. Properly inflated tires will not only keep you safe but will also help you reduce your RV’s fuel consumption. Check tire pressure, tread depth, and for any sidewall cracks or other damage.
  • External lights. Be sure all your external lights are working, including your headlights, fog lights, clearance lights, driving lights, parking lights, turn signals, docking lights, break lights, and emergency flashers. If any of these are not working, get them replaced as soon as possible.
  • Glass. Clean all your windows, especially your windshield, and make sure your wipers are working. Also, look for any cracks or chips. Damaged glass should be repaired or replaced to avoid future hazards.
  • Exterior. Perform a walk around of your entire RV to ensure all awnings, jacks, slides, compartments, and hookups are properly stowed and secured. Also, shut off your propane at the tank whenever you’re driving.
  • Interior. Perform a walk through of your interior as well. Make sure everything is properly stowed and will not move around while you’re on the road. Also, now is a good time to make sure all fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and CO alarms are working.

These are a just a few important items you should add to your RV safety checklist. A lot goes into preparing for a safe road trip. Make sure you take the time to perform your own safety check and that your RV is properly insured. Safe travels and have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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