Safeguarding Your Summertime With the Right Insurance

July 30, 2015

Summertime Insurance

The days are warmer and longer this time of year and summertime activities are in full swing.

But before you and your loved ones head out on the road or go for a swim in the pool, you will want to make sure that you are covered by your insurance in case of incident.

Some specific areas of activity to consider:


Pools are often the cornerstone of the all-American summer. Without the proper insurance though, you can find yourself in the deep end. According the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, nearly 400 children drown each year in the US around pools and spas. You may want to consider upping your liability coverage. Along with an increase in liability coverage, it may be best to have an umbrella policy increasing liability coverage as well.


Insurance coverage for boats and watercraft are sometimes covered under homeowners or renters insurance, but that depends on the kind of craft you have and where you live. Coverage for you and your boat often vary in accordance with age, credit history, driving record and boating certifications. For the information about Ohio boating insurance and coverage, check out our post about boating coverage.


All motorcycles are required to have liability coverage in the case of property damage or personal injury in the case of an accident. It would be wise to check if that coverage includes passenger protection as well. An interesting offer to those who live in areas of the country where riding is not a year-long activity, is something called a “lay up” policy. A “lay up” policy suspends all coverage, except for comprehensive, during the winter months. This could be a cost saving benefit to those in the market for motorcycle insurance.

As the summer continues and we find ourselves outdoors more and more, it is imperative to make sure that we and our loved ones are covered from any harmful situation that may arise.

For more information on coverage, contact the fine team at Burkhart Insurance Agency for a quote today!

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