What is the best way to buy auto insurance?

June 19, 2013

When shopping for auto insurance, most people simply visit one or two websites of insurance carriers they can remember from a commercial, such as Travelers, Progressive, or Safeco. Then, they add in their information and get a quote directly from the carrier. But this is definitely not the best way to buy auto insurance.

The problem with this strategy is that just because an insurance carrier has a recognizable brand doesn’t mean their auto insurance policy will be right for you. Plus, if you only look at quotes from one or two carriers, you could be missing an opportunity to save money, and nobody wants to miss out on that kind of opportunity.

Shopping around is the answer.

The best way to ensure you’re choosing an auto insurance policy that offers the right coverage at an affordable rate is to shop around. Don’t just look at one or two insurance carriers — compare four, five, or more. Then you’ll know which ones are offering a great value and which ones are overcharging.

Unfortunately, shopping around on the internet generally poses a new (more annoying) problem. While many of those big name insurance quote websites provide multiple quotes from several carriers, they also sell your contact information to the insurance carriers. Then — and here’s the annoying part — you’re inundated with sales calls! Suddenly, there simple solution to shopping around for auto insurance doesn’t seem so simple.

There is a better way.

Instead of dealing with phone calls from five different carriers, wouldn’t it be more convenient to talk to just one person when you’re doing your shopping?

This is why quoting through an independent insurance agency makes so much sense. They do the leg work for you, bringing you quotes from several trusted carriers without selling your info. Then they can help you examine the rates and coverage options too so you know you’re choosing the right auto insurance policy for you.

Working with an independent agent is way easier and a much more personalized experience then getting quotes through a big name insurance quote website. Save yourself a headache (and some money). Give an independent agent a shot.

Do you live in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana? Then we can help! Burkhart Insurance Agency is an award-wining independent agency with offices in Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky. We work with several trusted carriers — including Travelers, Progressive, and Safeco — and would be happy to help you shop for auto insurance in the way that benefits you the most. Give us a call at 877-441-6106 or request a free auto insurance quote comparison right now.

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