Personal Umbrella Insurance - Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana

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Personal Umbrella Insurance - Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana

Umbrella Insurance in Cincinnati, Ohio

Having insurance is important but what happens if there is a major accident or incident and the coverage limits on your other policies (auto, home, boat...) aren't enough? When this happens you become financially responsible for the outstanding charges.  Umbrella insurance is there to protect your home, auto, future wages, and other personal assets when all other insurance limits are exhausted.

Who needs Umbrella Insurance?

  • ​​Anyone who owns a:
    • Home
    • Auto
    • Playground equipment
    • Boat / Jet Ski / ATV
    • Swimming pool
    • Dog
  • If you:
    • Have children
    • Provide alcohol to guests
    • Have significant assets

Do you want extra coverage in case this happens?

  • You or your family member is involved in or causes a major car accident
  • Someone is injured on your property or rental property
  • Your dog bites or attacks an individual who sustains injury
  • A guest gets hurt while on your boat, jet ski or ATV
  • You or your family cause accidental damages to others’ property
  • You or your family are falsely arrested or sued for slander or libel 

Unfortunately, accidents happen and personal umbrella policies can provide an extra layer of protection for you, your family and assets in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan areas. Contact our insurance advisors at Burkhart Agency to discuss your unique needs and to ensure that you and your family are adequately protected.